Sea Star

Boat Type
Cal 39-2
Sail Number
CF or Registration Number
CF 6448 TP
Hailing Port
San Francisco
Name of Owner or Charterer
Bob Walden
Yacht Club(s)
Richmond Yacht Club
Berkeley Yacht Club
United States
Usual Boat Location
Richmond CA
First Pac Cup
Requested Division
Fully Crewed
Expected Crew Count
Qualifying Sail Details

this is a copy/paste from my after-action notes from our spinnaker cup race in 2019. We did a turn and burn nonstop from Richmond yc to the spin cup finish and back again.

 - 203 miles non-stop, all under sail

~36 hours

  -- motor assisted sail ~30 mins to clear finish line, ~3 hours when wind went light to get off lee shore, and then after passing 150 miles around HMB

 - everyone drove with kite up and drove to the wind (ie cleated kite)--I was really happy with the driving. 

- nice teamwork at night, sail changes, jibes, etc.

- tested food, sleeping, etc

- came in 9 out of 11 in our div--I'll be researching our dw rating compared to others. 



 - solid qualifier for pac cup

 - good sailing performance by boat

 - no equipment failures on deck, sails in good shape

 - sailing gear, reefing, etc seemed good.



 - skipper's an idiot who has forgotten how to pack for serious offshore. 

    (new gear and base layers ordered; lori will make sure I pack right from now on.)


- Foot pump for water a failure

    (disconnected/back to elec pump for now. Investigating other options.)


- Portlights leak like a motherf*cker

    (measuring weds, ordering replacements, will ask for help installing asap)


- Leak in quarterberth

    (this wednesday will be using hose to try to locate and re-bed whatever's leaking


- Head is leaking (?maybe?)

    I found that one hose did have a leak. this was the hose bringing seawater in to flush with, so that was a seawater leak. it's fixed for now but will need monitoring--i've fixed it before. Most of the water in the head was actually from the portlight, which had gotten undogged on one side--that's why the shelves and sink were full and I'm sure a lot of the water on the floor. but also for sure some sewage slopped out of the bowl. this is an issue if you don't clear the toilet well enough. I'm researching a new head that has a sealed lid.


- holding tank smell

    I'm going to scrub and clean the holding tank wednesday, and also begin adding deodorizer frequently. For pac cup the holding tank won't be in use, i'll have it full of deodorizer.


- Lee cloth straps inadequate

    I'll be replacing with either stronger straps or line of some kind.


- matress lost pressure (and are too big for bunks with leecloths)

    these pads are temporary, I'll get custom pads made, non-inflatable so they dont go flat.


- food:

    I had no issues with any of the food per se, but I'm interested in y'alls take. For me, simpler is better, and yeah prolly need to have dehydrated food one day then something else the next. Food will be an ongoing discussion. But thanks so much Elizabeth for doing such a great job provisioning!


- We need lots of places to hang wet gear, I'll be adding clotheslines in head and vberth.


- We need more seating areas down below, my current thought is to build a gear box/bench that goes where the table usually is, with room for 2 to sit on it to change clothes.


- I'll add a line down the middle of the cabin ceiling for a handhold


- I'll be adding a dodger to the boat, size/shape tbd but that will keep everything dryer and warmer.


Thanks folks! Parts of it were solid fun. We learned a lot, which will make the boat better. Please add on any items to this (Dave, I used your list a lot here).

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Sea Star
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