Based in Hawaii near KYC, can do both ways

Seeking a crew position on a boat
Either or both ways

About Me

Did the return trip for the 2016 Vic Maui Race and I am hooked!  Have been sailing here in Hawaii since 2017 aboard the 70 ft SV Trader Offshore Honolulu and a 26 ft Columbia out of Kaneohe Yacht Club. Raced at Kingston Yacht Club on Lake Ontario since I started sailing in 2012, have acquired numerous sailing qualifications through ASA, ISSA, ITY, ISSP, Sail Canada and obtained my USCG 100Ton Captains Licence -6 PAX with Sailing Auxiliary , Maritime First Aide/CPR, FCC Maritime Radio. I am a 56 year old retired Infantry Officer, served 35 years in the Royal Canadian Regiment and am keen on adventure. Love the Ocean and sailing, thoroughly enjoyed the Maui to Victoria passage, just 5 of us, two two man shifts with the owner troubleshooting and navigating (had $70,000 worth of damages going through two storms!) Loved every minute of it. Presently I live just 5 mins from Kaneohe Yacht Club and have access to the nearby Marine base. Can help with provisions on the return trip and have extra rooms in our house and transport available during the turnround phase and be a tour guide for those who have never been to Paradise!

Mid 50-60s
Have raced across ocean more than twice
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