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About Me

At the start of the race, I will be 17 and have been sailing for approximately a year and a half.

I have been sailing for nearly half a year now (10/21). Which sounds like a short time but I have been sailing with the great sailors of San Francisco Bay. On a nearly weekly basis, I have been racing with Paul Kamen on his Merit 25 out of Berkeley Yacht Club. I have also been racing on J/105's, most of my experience on those have been on Streaker with Greg Arkus out of San Francisco Yacht Club. I have also sailed with others when possible on an assortment of crafts. The furthest into the ocean I have sailed (as of 10/3/21) was the Point Bonita buoy, that was the Point Bonita race I did with Greg Arkus, we were short-handed and I got to try my hand at most every position and job.

I am also quite handy with a set of tools. I work on cars and I machine. I prefer the Mill (have +25 hours on it), the Lathe to me is still a little bit of black magic but I'm putting more hours onto it. I am quite mechanically minded and I know my way around an engine.

I learn incredibly quickly, I am quite adaptable, and I might be young and not have that much time under my belt but I can hold my own; as the skippers, I've sailed with can attest to. I don't mind getting cold and wet (I actually prefer it that way), but I am also no stranger to being baked alive on deck.

Under 18
Spin Trim
Engine Repair
Rail Meat
Been sailing several years, no offshore
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Email: nadavmeiri@outlook.com