2022 Waitlist

Update: The waiting list is now closed.
By any estimation, the number of entries plus those on the waitlist is likely to meet or exceed our capacity, even allowing for normal dropouts. To avoid over-promising, we are hitting "pause" on the waitlist.  

The entry list for the Pacific Cup is growing fast. To assure that we do not overflow the capacity at our finish line host, we are managing the size of our active entry list and adding new entrants to a waiting list.  Historically, every boat desiring to race has been able to do so, but we need a waiting list to make sure everything works out!

To reserve your spot on the waiting list, we collect a $400 fee. If we are unable to eventually offer you a spot, or you withdraw, we will refund this full amount. If your spot opens up, you will have ten business days to accept the spot by paying the full per-foot fee.

We are sincerely sorry about only being able to offer you a spot on the waiting list.  We recognize being on a waiting list is not in the spirit of the Pacific Cup.  It’s definitely “not fun”.  Should you want to talk about it, please do reach out to  commodore@pacificcup.org That said, if you are serious about participating in the 2022 Pacific Cup, we suggest you reserve your spot on the waiting list right now so you are as close to the top of the waiting list as possible – and then lets talk so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

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