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Proof of vaccination required for all in-person events, including racing.

Bon Voyage!

July 2, following the Skippers' Meeting, we're holding our traditional Bon Voyage party, including Hawaiian Dancing and musical distractions. Description and registration here


Wednesday, July 20. The food, the fun, the festivity, the family, the... all of it.  Not to be missed. Heck, join the dancers and learn at least one small step! Tickets here. Special price for the younger set.

Goslings Rum Night

Your days may be bright and sunny, but perhaps your evening will be Dark and Stormy. Thursday, July 21. Register here. Yes, there will be hats.

Awards Gala!

Come for the bling, stay for the great eats and talk story. Friday, July 22.  Sign up here. Note: Each boat gets two tickets as part of its entry.

Tracker Deposit

Ya gotta do it.

Return tracker rental here.


Now available! Shirts, hats, and more from Pirate's Lair.

Loaded ShipPasha


Reserve a spot in the Container to or from Hawaii

Reyn Spooner Pac Cup Shirt

The classic shirt for the FUN race.

Now available to all.  Quantities are limited at the Pac Cup reduced prices.

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We have contracted for medical support on the voyage over. If you are sailing back, we encourage you to subscribe to this potentially life-saving service for the return.